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43 Audrey Kawasaki icons (part of a multifandom post)


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Over here @ hobbit_iconses

and quite possibly I like the thrill

I was browsing through some photographer’s gallery and I stumbled across these photographs.


Doesn't she look like an Audrey Kawasaki painting?Collapse )
Hi there! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm selling an Audrey Kawasaki print on eBay. It's the Mizuame print, and here's the link!

graphics featuring art by audrey kawasaki.

30 icons & 10 fo banners here.
does anyone know where i can find some audrey themed livejournal layouts? :)

Dec. 4th, 2007

97 icons of the art of Audrey Kawasaki.


The rest.

Jul. 31st, 2007

Okay, this is going to my last post about ebay for awhile unless something exciting like an OG pops up there.

1/5 of the Smitten prints (Ishiki) ended up on ebay. One seller had 3 copies, another had 2. Musiqueplusrisque claims s/he is selling the Smitten set because it is "too risque for my tastes." Heh

There's a bunch of Ishikis and Odaijinis (I guess the 1 per person rule didn't help...) I was surprised that people actually bought the buy-it-nows for those two. I don't know why they don't wait and get a better deal, since the market is flooded right now...

A few months ago, someone sold the original Ishiki for only $2000 buy-it-now on ebay. I wanted to buy it, but someone beat me to it. I'm thinking of buying the print for it, but I'm not sure if I should or try my luck with future releases.

Would you ever buy from a reseller? What determines how much you personally pay for a print?

My Audrey story

I met Audrey last night! I was extremely nervous, since I get that way sometimes around people I like who I don't really know. The long drive didn't help either! When I told her my username, she looked surprised and said she was looking forward to meeting me (i comment on her journals a lot)

I asked for her to sign the postcard and asked if she could put my name on it...and I ended up getting a little sketch on it! (my first original kawasaki hehee ;) I wasn't expecting that...

I also ended up getting some pictures of her. Hopefully, they'll turn out okay...I told her that she didn't like them, I wouldn't post them). I also took some of the paintings.

I also met Stella. I got her autograph too, which was really nice of her since it wasn't her show. I didn't remember her face, so I figured out who she was after she came up to sit with Audrey.

It was interesting seeing her artwork in person. My first thought was that it was smaller than I thought they would be.

Towards the end, people came up to me to chat and I initiated conversation with others. I noticed that the top three topics of conversation (about Audrey) people brought up were...

1. Which one is Audrey? Can I say hi to her?
2. The Grafuck ones sure are sexual.
3. Her work is expensive...does it have any resell value?



I was excited that Yume No Ato sold so quickly, it was gone within a day...but it appears that most of the copies went to resellers. I believe she sold it in May and I've already seen about 8 copies of it on ebay. I've also seen a number of online galleries reselling it. And usually for very high amounts. One is on ebay right now with a 700% markup.

Stella also has someone buy 30+ of her prints to resell right away.

I don't mind people reselling art for a profit. I'll probably sell my prints one day once I own real paintings (I'd rather have something that's going to last as well as it being the art itself). But it sucks that people are buying them just to resell them right away, so that if you didn't buy the print fast enough, you'll have to pay hundreds more.
Who would Audrey Kawasaki's Girls Look Like If They Were Real?

I showed this to Audrey awhile ago (her journal is too filled with comments for me too look for the link) and she said she thought it was cool and that she loved Gemma and Adriana :)